Why Work at MirkaCare

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MirkaCare Services is committed to quality and an unparalleled level of service to our people-in-care in all aspects of our company. As part of the team, we hope you will discover that the pursuit of excellence is a rewarding aspect of a career here.

MirkaCare operates as a teamwork-focused group dedicated to the persons in our care, our staff, associates and partners. Our core values are

  • Integrity: being honest, fair, and reliable.
  • Servanthood: the desire to do what most benefits others, while looking for nothing in return.
  • Stewardship: taking ownership and responsibilities of all duties.
  • Respect: showing regard or consideration in all personal interactions throughout the day.
  • Empathy: identifying with and understanding another’s situation, feelings, and motives, without becoming emotionally over-whelmed.
  • Compassion: deep sympathy for another, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate their suffering.
  • Gentleness: being kind and modest.

An Industry Leader

MirkaCare strives to be a leader within our industry by consistently delivering the highest level of care and support. We have high expectations of our employees and, therefore, provide our employees with the best tools available as well as the most appropriate work environment possible in order to meet these expectations. Your team leader will train you onsite on best practices and protocols for your specific location on an ongoing basis. We offer certain courses in-house and are always trying to improve and broaden our training programs to all of our staff.

A Great Reputation

MirkaCare Services enjoys a great reputation within the community of service providers as an equal opportunityemployer. We employ people in the spirit of the Human Rights Citizen Commission. It is our goal to ensure that every person coming into contact with MCS has equal opportunities and rights.

We Care

We Promote From Within

find a career at MirkaCareFind your career at MirkaCare. As new opportunities for positions arise within the company, current employees will be considered first before we begin recruiting externally. We may promote a deserving employee or create an internal competition among employees who have been in their current position for more than six months.

Professional Development

We care about your career, so we want you to have the right education and training. We offer some courses in-house, including Abuse Prevention Protocol, Medication Administration and other courses as required. Your team leader will provide onsite training in best practices and protocols for your specific location on an ongoing basis.

All employees of MirkaCare must be certified in CPR Level C and Standard First Aid. To help ensure your understanding of the medication administration process, your team leader or a registered nurse employed by MirkaCare will perform three separate job shadows within the first three months of your employment.

A Healthy Environment

As a MirkaCare employee, you can expect to work in a healthy and safe environment. We are always trying to ensure that employees work in the best circumstances possible. We supply health and safety education and training materials for employees as well for all of our people-in-care. Regular home and office inspections are also conducted to help guarantee the health and safety of everyone within the working/personal environment. All MirkaCare facilities are smoke-free environments.

We Provide Benefits

We offer all of our eligible employees both a Health & Dental benefit plan with Empire Life, as well as a Critical Illness benefit plan through RBC. You become eligible for both of our benefit plans after five months if you work more than 30 hours a week.

MirkaCare Services

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